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TCK 416

TCK 416

The TCK 416 (Tungsten Carbide Knife) is a marriage of traditional stainless steel (handles) with a tungsten carbide blade.  Old meets new.  Meet the TCK 416.


New technologies produce new knives. This is one of them.  The TCK 416 was developed as a proof of concept knife to allow the public to experience first hand the vast superior cutting capability of a tungsten carbide blade.

Innovation and precision come together in the TCK 416 – changing the way knife-making has been done for thousands of years.
Now you can own a piece of “history in the making” with a knife that boasts the kind of precision that comes with 40 years of grinding carbide.
Experience matters. So does the patented technology behind the Sandrin line.

The extraordinary precision of these blades can be measured to lightband tolerances. (a tolerance of 0.00004”)
And since the hardness of the metal is so incredible (HRC 71), this will prove to be…
The most durable knife blade ever made!

Even with repeated, rugged use – these patented tungsten carbide blades will keep their edge and remain razor sharp without showing hardly any wear.
Sure, nothing lasts forever. But – with industry applications showing that a carbide edge lasts from 20 to 50 times longer than steel – this sure comes close!

Check out the independent edge retention test by Cedric and Ada Gear and Outdoors.

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Price $199  Introductory Proof of Concept Promotional Price $149


Blade hardness: HRC 71
Overall Length: 200 mm
Blade Length: 82 mm
Cutting Edge: 42 °
Blade Thickness: 0,90mm -0 / + 0.01 mm
Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
Blade Style: Wharncliffe
Blade Grind: Flat
Finish: Mirror Polished
Edge Type: Hollow Grind
Handle Length: 115mm
Handle Thickness: 10mm (clip included ) / 4,5mm (without clip)
Handle Material: Polished stainless steel
Color: silver
Weight: 62 grams (2.18 oz)
Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel
Knife Type: Folding
Opener: Manual Locking
Lock Type: Frame Lock
Brand: Sandrin Knives
Model: TCK -tungsten carbide knives
Country of Origin: Italy
Best Use: EDC

Domestic Shipping Only
Made in Italy
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