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The Initium



Initium - latin for beginning, start, commencement, origin.  And thus the commencement of a new breed of knives.


Every Sandrin Knife tells a different story.

That’s because the craftsmen at Sandrin take great pains throughout every phase of the production process to adapt each piece as necessary, down to the smallest detail. So even as a production knife, no two will ever be exactly the same. Available only in limited qualities, our lots will never exceed 30 pieces, and the serial numbering will always restart with each and every new lot. Customers can choose from a variety of handsome and colorful stabilized woods for the handle, and each knife comes delivered in a special box with its own hand-made screwdriver and a certificate of authenticity.

Sandrin knives are finished with the kind of precision and expertise that only comes with 40 years experience grinding Carbide. Neither steel nor ceramic, they’re the perfect combination of hardness and strength whose extraordinary precision can be measured to lightband tolerances. And with an outstanding hardness of HRC 71, simply put, they’re nothing short of the hardest and most durable knife blades that have ever been made.

Sandrin. It’s more than just another knife. It’s a piece of art with a surgical cutting edge.

Total Length : 250 mm / 9.85”
Blade Length : 120 mm / 4.72”
Blade Thickness :
Blade Thickness Parallelism: 0.008 mm /.0003”
Blade Weight : 250 grams / 8.81 oz
Material : tungsten carbide
Hardness : 71 HRC

Made in Italy

Starting From: $1,900


Learn more about Sandrin Knives and tungsten carbide by CLICKING HERE.


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