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Cabot Guns 1911 pistols have been reviewed in the following websites and publications:


Tested: Cabot S103 Limited South Paw, by American Rifleman Staff
Read the article on the American Rifleman

Five Star Review of the S103 Commander, by Jon Wayne Taylor
Read the article on The Truth About Guns

Arts & Science of the 1911 Part 1, by Darren LaSorte
Read the article on NRA Sharp

Arts & Science of the 1911 Part 2 b, by Daren LaSorte
Read the article on NRA Sharp

Cabot Southpaw Review.  At last… a true left handed 1911, by Harwood Loomis
Read the article on

Achieving Perfection Through Quality
Read Part Two of S.P. Fjestad’s blog and the Blue Book of Gun Values >>>

Achieving Perfection Through Accuracy
Read S.P. Fjestad’s blog at the Blue Book of Guns Values >>> 

Cabot’s American Joe the Red, White and Blue 1911
Read the full article on >>>

Cabot Precision 1911s – Lefty Too! – SHOT Show 2013
Read the full article on website. >>>

SHOT Show 2013: The Treasurable Cabot 1911s (VIDEO)
While we visited all the major manufacturers and saw certain products that are sure to sell, it was a surprise
to see Cabot Guns there. >>>

“Moderni Zbrane,” review in Czech gun magazine, Annex
Read the article on Annex (November 2012) >>>

“Mirror Image, Glass Smooth”, by Brian C. Sheetz, Senior Executive Editor, American Rifleman.
Read the full article on American Rifleman (September 2012) >>> 

“Combat work-of-art from an industrial innovator—the Cabot Guns Jones 1911 .45 ACP!”
By Nick Sisley,
Read the full article on >>>

Kaliberi “Cabot-pistoolit” April 2012 – Cabot Guns, by Mika Vuolle in Kaliberi (Finnish gun magazine).
Read the Kaliberi article (in Finnish) >>>

DWJ (Deutsches Waffen-Journal) April 2012 – Cabot Guns, by Timo Lechner M.A. in
Deutsches Waffen-Journal (German gun magazine).
Read the DWJ article (in German) >>>

“Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue: Cabot Gun’s 1911s,” product review by Gun Shows Today.
Read the Review >>>

“Cabot Guns releases a south paw 1911,” By Stickman on GearScout, Military Times.
Read the full article on >>>

“What I did at SHOT Show, Part Five,” Grant Cunningham, Revolver Specialist (scroll to bottom of article).
Read the Review >>>

“SHOT 2012 Followup: Cabot Guns 1911 South Paw,” Soldier Systems Daily.
Read the 2012 Shot Show follow up >>>

Premiere SHOT Show 2012 – Cabot Guns,” by Piotr Szewczyk in Arsenal (Polish gun magazine).
Read the Arsenal article (in Polish) >>>

Blue Book Publications Inc. featured Cabot Guns as Firearm Gun of the Week.
Read the article at Blue Book >>>

“All-American Know-How for an All-American Pistol,” a gun test and review by Steve Clark for M1911.0rg .
Read the article at >>>

“M1911.ORG Visits Cabot Guns, LLC,” By Steve Clark for M1911.ORG.
Read the article on >>>

“Mr & Mrs DAT go to CABOT GUNS… (sub titled: How Does Crow Taste in Pennsylvania ?),” by DAT85 on Read the full post on >>>



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