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Cabot Guns 1911 pistols have been reviewed in the following websites and publications:


Five Star Review of the S103 Commander, by Jon Wayne Taylor
Read the article on The Truth About Guns

Arts & Science of the 1911 Part 1, by Darren LaSorte
Read the article on NRA Sharp

Arts & Science of the 1911 Part 2 b, by Daren LaSorte
Read the article on NRA Sharp

Cabot Southpaw Review.  At last… a true left handed 1911, by Harwood Loomis
Read the article on

Achieving Perfection Through Quality
Read Part Two of S.P. Fjestad’s blog and the Blue Book of Gun Values >>>

Achieving Perfection Through Accuracy
Read S.P. Fjestad’s blog at the Blue Book of Guns Values >>> 

Cabot’s American Joe the Red, White and Blue 1911
Read the full article on >>>

Cabot Precision 1911s – Lefty Too! – SHOT Show 2013
Read the full article on website. >>>

SHOT Show 2013: The Treasurable Cabot 1911s (VIDEO)
While we visited all the major manufacturers and saw certain products that are sure to sell, it was a surprise
to see Cabot Guns there. >>>

“Moderni Zbrane,” review in Czech gun magazine, Annex
Read the article on Annex (November 2012) >>>

“Mirror Image, Glass Smooth”, by Brian C. Sheetz, Senior Executive Editor, American Rifleman.
Read the full article on American Rifleman (September 2012) >>> 

“Combat work-of-art from an industrial innovator—the Cabot Guns Jones 1911 .45 ACP!”
By Nick Sisley,
Read the full article on >>>

Kaliberi “Cabot-pistoolit” April 2012 – Cabot Guns, by Mika Vuolle in Kaliberi (Finnish gun magazine).
Read the Kaliberi article (in Finnish) >>>

DWJ (Deutsches Waffen-Journal) April 2012 – Cabot Guns, by Timo Lechner M.A. in
Deutsches Waffen-Journal (German gun magazine).
Read the DWJ article (in German) >>>

“Something Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue: Cabot Gun’s 1911s,” product review by Gun Shows Today.
Read the Review >>>

“Cabot Guns releases a south paw 1911,” By Stickman on GearScout, Military Times.
Read the full article on >>>

“What I did at SHOT Show, Part Five,” Grant Cunningham, Revolver Specialist (scroll to bottom of article).
Read the Review >>>

“SHOT 2012 Followup: Cabot Guns 1911 South Paw,” Soldier Systems Daily.
Read the 2012 Shot Show follow up >>>

Premiere SHOT Show 2012 – Cabot Guns,” by Piotr Szewczyk in Arsenal (Polish gun magazine).
Read the Arsenal article (in Polish) >>>

Blue Book Publications Inc. featured Cabot Guns as Firearm Gun of the Week.
Read the article at Blue Book >>>

“All-American Know-How for an All-American Pistol,” a gun test and review by Steve Clark for M1911.0rg .
Read the article at >>>

“M1911.ORG Visits Cabot Guns, LLC,” By Steve Clark for M1911.ORG.
Read the article on >>>

“Mr & Mrs DAT go to CABOT GUNS… (sub titled: How Does Crow Taste in Pennsylvania ?),” by DAT85 on Read the full post on >>>



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