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Gun Cases and Holsters

Gun Cases and Holsters

Gun Cases for the American Precision Guns

The ultimate display/carrying case built for Cabot Guns in Italy.  An engineering feat, the Cabot Guns secret agent case is unlike any other case on the market.  Made from milled aluminum 6061 alloy and 1/4 inch acrylic panels, the Cabot Guns this high-tech case stores and displays your pistol in style.  Access to your pistol is through each of two sides of the case and your 1911.  Also included as part of the closing mechanism are a number of magnets which are built into both the base and cover to facilitate accurate alignment when closing.  A removable dummy mag which holds the pistol is secured by both a magnet system and latch system and is engineered to display your gun flat in the case or in a vertical position when the case is open.

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Display your Cabot Gun pistol with a custom made gun case designed exclusively for Cabot Guns by H. Gerstner & Sons, an American legend with an outstanding reputation for fine quality and a storied 100-year history dating back to the Wright Brothers.

Cabot 1911 Pistols Custom Gerstner Case


That makes our 1911 pistol display case a functional piece of Americana, each handsomely crafted with a glass top and the Cabot Guns name etched in the top making it great for display.



Designed for Cabot Guns by icon John Bianchi, the Cabot holster is styled in retro fashion this custom holster reflects the quality and tradition which made Frontier Gunleather a legend.   Available for all our 1911 pistols, including the left-handed Cabot South Paw.  A matching belt can be ordered directly from Frontier Leather in your size.

PRICE: $160 Holster, $40 Magazine Pouch   |  ORDER: CLICK HERE

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