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The Pillars

The Pillars

For a small percentage of the world, perfection simply isn’t enough. They never stop improving, never cease challenging themselves, and never tire of searching for the pinnacle of excellence. For this breed of the cultured elite, Cabot Guns now offers perfectly inverted matching 1911 pistol sets – fully customized to the exacting specifications of our clientele.

By special commission, The Pillars were completed in 2016 as a one-of-a-kind mirror image pistol set.  Comprised of a perfectly matched pair of Black Diamond Deluxe pistols, Cabot’s flagship ultra-premium 1911. Hand finished over several days under the watchful eyes of Master Hand-Polishers

Pillars in case
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Pillars in case thumbnail
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Fine art Scrimshander, Darrel Morris, was commissioned to carefully handcraft the art on each grip.  The art of scrimshaw – engraving on bone or ivory – dates back to the 1700s. Scrimshaw works are created by punching tens of thousands of tiny holes in the surface of the ivory and filling them with black oil paint. This technique takes hours and hours of meticulous labor, but it makes it possible to achieve very delicate gradations of tone resulting in incredibly lifelike images.

Cabot pistol sets are true mirror image pistols. The left-handed pistol is built from the ground up from a block of billet steel; it is not a converted right-handed pistol. Not only is the ejection port engineered to the left, but all small controls have been inverted. Even the rifling in the barrel has been reversed.

Every masterpiece deserves its proper display – presentation as important as pedigree. In the case of The Pearls, nothing but a one of kind case birthed of equal quality to the passion that went into the set themselves would suffice. Master case craftsman Marvin Huey has laid hand to material and envisioned for these pistols a fitted French case of outstanding alligator hide, his art flowing to the inside of the case and fully enveloping

When you commission a matched set of Cabot 1911’s we pull fresh billet steel from our reserves and begin work on another pair of our master creations. Your set is fully customizable with any client-specific engraving you may desire.

Contact Cabot Guns to commission a mirror image pistols set built for you.



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