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John McNally, Five-time Olympic Speed Shooter

For many, competing once in the Olympics is a career pinnacle but for John McNally, the 5-time Olympian and 14-time NRA champion, excellence is a lifelong pursuit. John is driven to constantly perform, improve and perfect—values shared with the team at Cabot Guns and Penn United Technologies. 

Not only has John achieved success in competitive shooting, he did so while serving in the Army.  He made his first Olympics in 1984 after serving with the 3rd Ranger Company, TSB. He later served with Army Marksmanship Unit as Officer in Charge of Pistol, where he created the Action Pistol unit. While serving in the Army he also competed in the 1988 and 1992 games, and then in 1996 and 2000 games he competed as a civilian.  John also earned many NRA champion titles over his career.

When asked about the challenge of transitioning from active military duty to the Olympics, John said, “Sometimes I don’t know how I did it; I was driven to shoot. It was the mental aspect, knowing that once I got through it, I could go back to my passion—shooting.”

While John served in the Army and pursued his Olympic and NRA honors, he also started a family—a juggling act that demanded as much from his wife as himself. John and his wife have had three children, all born in and around his Olympic career. “My second and third children were induced so that I would not miss the National Championships and my third opportunity for Olympic tryouts.” John says that his wife is his largest supporter and advocate.

John’s partnership with Cabot Guns ignited after Cabot President, Rob Bianchin, invited John to a Penn United tour. “I was really impressed with Penn United. Their commitment, attitude, and deep belief in God,” said John.  “In addition to their values was the precision. The Cabot 1911 is the most precise built gun I ever put my hands on.”

John further explained that in the Olympics he used hand-built Italian pistols and he finds that the Cabot line of pistols exceeds the craftsmanship with repeated precision and fit. He remarked on the flexibility that using a Cabot 1911 affords a competitive shooter, “The parts are interchangeable. If you are in the middle of the competitive season and something breaks, you can get it replaced. You won’t be sidelined for a little part.”

John also discussed the consistency of Cabot’s quality, “Right now some companies take a precision approach by finishing the gun by hand, but then there are variances in quality and fit, especially if the gunsmith is having a bad day.  Cabot Guns fit ultra tight every time. At Cabot, everyday is a good day.”

Occupation: 5-time Olympic competitor and 14-time NRA rapid fire pistol champion. 

Role with Cabot: 2012 SHOT SHOW Representative and Product Ambassador

Core Beliefs: “I believe in America. This is what has driven me since I was a little kid. I love America and I will do anything for America, to defend America, to raise the American flag.”

Why Cabot: “I was really impressed with the company. Their commitment, attitude, and deep belief in God.”

Favorite Model: “The Range Master. I shot it and immediately loved it.”

Parting Wisdom: “Don’t be mediocre. Always do your best. If your job is digging ditches, then be the best ditch digger in the country.”

John McNally, Multiple Olympic and NRA Rapid Fire Champion



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