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Tom Pierce, Architect

As the Cabot design team was imagining their 1911 pistols, they wanted the guns to reflect the company’s foundational beliefs:  a strong belief in family, God and country, and the philosophy that you should never stop striving to become better at what you do.

That’s when Cabot turned to Tom Pierce an architect and fellow committee member at The Light of Life Rescue Mission, a Christ-centered ministry providing food, shelter and life-saving programs for the poor, homeless and addicted.

“When Cabot approached me to assist in the design with the goal to reflect the three core beliefs of the company, I was excited to be part of the design team,” explained Tom. “The Trinity Checkering grew out of a collaborative, iterative design effort. It reflects the three core values and is also symbolic of the holy trinity.”

“There is precision in the ornamentation that derives from company’s strength, moral conviction, and simplicity. In the gun’s beautifully designed skin, there is also a story of this amazing company that stands behind it,” said Tom.

Tom Pierce’s story and architecture is the perfect complement to this unique design element. With more than 33 years practicing architecture, Tom has designed office buildings, residential lofts, senior care facilities, places of worship, and private homes. But Tom’s career, like many of us, was not a straight path to success but instead a journey with peaks and valleys.

“My work, my design, at times is a mystery to me. Each project is an opportunity for me to evolve and grow. By creating light and clarity in architecture, I also bring it to my life,” said Tom.

The Trinity Checkering can be found at the front and rear slide of the Jones 1911. Its elegant design creates a unique and dynamic look to Cabot’s take on the classic 1911 sidearm.

Occupation:Architect.Company: Thomas Pierce Architecture and Interior Design

Role with Cabot: Designed the Trinity Checkering on the Jones, S100 and S103 model 1911s.

Core Beliefs: “Holistic design, incorporating the heart and mind to synthesize the whole.”

Why Cabot: “Cabot is unabashed in their moral principles. It’s a Christian-based organization.”

Favorite Model: “I can’t pick a favorite. I was blown away by them all.”

Parting Wisdom: “Each new thing you do should push you to the limits of your capabilities. This creates strength.”

Tom Pierce, Architect

Tom Pierce, an architect and volunteer, designed the Trinity Checkering on two models of Cabot pistols.

Tom Pierce Church Design

An example of Tom Pierce’s architectural designs.



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