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Daniel T. Chinnock, Ivory Grip Maker


Our discerning clientele has been an excellent resource.  We first heard about Dan from a Cabot owner who like many of our customers only wants the best money can buy.  Always looking for the finest American talent we reached out to Dan when Cabot President Rob Bianchin was designing the National Standard Deluxe and was seeking an artisan grip maker who could craft mammoth ivory grips for Cabot.

Dan’s specialty & experience started in Knife making and design where he developed a reputation of crafting some of the finest knives on the market.  That same passion is now applied to crafting 1911 Ivory Grips.  It started with several NRA members, who collected his knives, asking Dan to build them 1911 grips out of the ivory used in his prized knives.  In order to make a truly high quality set of ivory grips Dan become a shooter to better understand the ergonomics required by shooters and tested his grips by working with sophisticated 1911 owners such as: military, first responders, cowboy western shooters, U.S. Olympic team members and other classifications of 1911 owners.

Today, Dan is a full time ivory grip maker and part time knife maker.  Dan, a perfectionist, only make grips that are cut properly, have good book matched color and appearance, be of the proper thickness, have the desired comfort and feel, and be structurally sound so they can be used in everyday activities and situations.  Options such as thumb grooves and carry melts help the user experience further, but grips can also be modified for such things as: small and large hands, arthritic hands, extended slide releases, and lowered safety levers just to name a few.  All of it done to improve the relationship between the grips and the shooters hand.

“In the last two years, I have moved into the artistry part of building grips whereby I try to achieve the most striking and visually appealing grips as possible,” explained Dan.  ”Mother Nature took over 10,000 years to turn white Mammoth ivory into ivory that seems to have infinite colors and patterns in the surface of the ivory.  All one needs to do is not unknowingly sand it away, but find  what the ivory has best to offer and keep it throughout the building process,” added Chinnock.  To date, Dan has created more than 600 pairs of Mammoth ivory grips and no two are alike.  ”Each set is as unique as a human fingerprint.”

The ultimate compliment and satisfaction for Dan is when an owner who has several 1911’s (does anyone have just one?) wants to have my ivory on all of their pistols.  ”They get hooked on the look and feel and decide that all of their pistols need to have my ivory grips on them,” added Chinook,  ”I am hooked also.”  Dan loves the feel of ivory his own 1911′s.  ”And yes, I have several 1911’s.  All dressed properly with my ivory grips.”

Occupation: Ivory Grip Maker

Company: Dan T. Chinnock, 1911 Ivory Grips

Role with Cabot: Crafts the prized Mammoth Ivory Grips which adorn the Cabots’ premium National Standard Deluxe pistol

Core Beliefs: ”Push to be the best.  Never settle.  Above all, do nothing to shame God.”

Why Cabot: “Like myself, they strive to make the very best.  How could I pass up putting my grips on their pistols?”

Favorite Model: “SouthPaw.  Being left handed, it makes me feel normal and experience what the rest of shooters have had for over one hundred years.”

Parting Wisdom: “Keep learning, keep trying new things, get out of your comfort zone.  It makes the journey interesting and the rewards worth it.”

Dan T. Chinnock, Ivory 1911 Grip Maker.  Follow and learn more about Dan at 




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