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Raw Materials

Raw Materials

It takes four months to build a Cabot Guns 1911 pistol.  Our process starts with details and exacting attention to the raw materials we employ.  We disregarded how anyone else in the industry builds a 1911 and do it our way.

Raw Materials

Cabot Guns Raw Materials BilletStep 1. Toss aside the industry norm of starting with a casting or forged frame and slide.

We threw industry standards out the windows when it came to raw materials.  Unlike other 1911 manufacturers we dismissed starting with castings or forgings when it came to making our extreme precision frames and slides.

Step 2.  The Unrelenting Pursuit for the Best Steel

Cabot Guns start from solid blocks of 4140 billet steel to metallurgical specified material content.

Step. 3.  100% American Steel

Using the  Buy American Act we employ source origination tracing to ensure the source and origination of our  raw materials.  Our philosophy is be build a 100% American made product and we ensure that every aspect of our guns originates in the USA.

Step 4.  Quality Control

A sophisticated and grueling quality control processes is undertaken with every component of our 1911 handgun.  It’s necessary when every part we make is a clone of the last.  Starting with our  raw materials, ultrasonic testing is undertaken to examine the 4140 billet for impurities, inconsistencies or hair-line cracks.  Less than perfect?  Scrap it!

Cabot Guns Raw MaterialsStep 5.  Enhancing Raw Materials

We enhance and strengthen our raw materials with both heating and freezing treatments. This is the same technology employed in the tool and die tool industry to produce millions of parts and developed over decades to perfection by  metallurgical experts. The same treatment is applied to further hardening the slabs of steel we use to make Cabot Guns.  And we just don’t do it homogeneously, we also harden our slides and frames to different Rockwell levels   Because that’s the best way to do it.

And that’s what we do even before we start building your gun …

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