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Frames and Slides

Frames and Slides

Cabot 1911 Frame

Without a doubt the finest frames and slides ever made for the 1911.

We hold the philosophy that you must strive to be the best in the world at what you do.  Frames and slides form the foundation of a Cabot Gun.  Unlike most of the firearms industry, A Cabot frame and slide is not made with a casting or forging but rather from a block of hard rolled billet steel.

The Ultimate Receiver

A Cabot Frame involves an array of state of the art technology is employed.  Our machinists employ multiple axis CNC machines involving 85 separate operations. And that’s just the first step.  Next we put our Wire EDM operators to work on aspects of the receiver.

Cabot 1911 Frame Close upCNC Machining technology allows for accuracy in the 1,000’s of an inch.  CNC Grinding technology, both surface and jig modalities, takes precision to another level where tolerances are controlled to the millions of an inch.  Our grinders, many of which are trained at our accredited school (LIGHT – Learning Institute for the Growth of High Technology) grind our slides to exacting standards. The hand art of our frames is now involved.  We employ Hand Metal Polishers, who work diligently under microscopes over hours of painstaking detail.  Lastly, our bluing is done in our own bluing facility we constructed so we could control the process from beginning to end.  Control freaks? Perhaps.  Perfectionists, to be sure.  Did we mention we use CMM machines accurate to 40 millionth of an inch to inspect and verify tolerances throughout the process and chamfer every edge of the gun?


Slides are more complex and time-consuming to build than receivers.  Each slide is built from billet steel.  Decorative elements such as slide serrations, checkering and our Trinity stripes are not machined but rather performed using Sink EDM technology.  Precision CNC Grinding is employed to perfect tolerances and finish areas.  All surface areas, exterior and interior are finished by our hand polishers.  Markings are not rolled but rather engraved.

Cabot 1911 Slide Cabot 1911 Slide View 2

Hand Polishing

The art of the hand polish is at the heart of a the Cabot collector grade finish models.  Traditional hand polishing is a skill passed down from master hand polisher to apprentice.

There’s no mystery why our finishes are what they are.  The meticulous hand polishing allows for optimal surfaces to blue where flats are truly flat, without broken edges, and rounded areas are true round.  Of course, as control freaks we built our own bluing facility so we could control the process from beginning to end.


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