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An American Tradition of Precision

Cabot Guns 1911 Pistols Group Shoot



What happens when America’s best engineers, machinists and master craftsmen set out to build a gun from scratch with the same technology and dedication they use for nuclear reactors and fighter jets? Cabot Guns, that’s what.  Along with a new standard of uncompromising quality and precision in 1911 style pistols.

At Cabot, we know that how you build something changes the essence of how it works.  Which is why we’re control freaks who have spared no effort or expense when it comes to each and every phase of the design and manufacture of our 1911 pistols from the ultrasonic testing of the raw materials down to the striping on the finish.  And we don’t just do it because we love it.  We do it because nobody else can.

That’s because our collector grade Cabot Guns’ 1911 pistols with Clone Technology® are made in collaboration with Penn United Technologies, the “MIT of the tool and die industry” and a pioneering manufacturer of precision components for the energy, medical, defense and aerospace industries. Our shared foundation is built on a strong belief in family, God and country, and the philosophy that you should never stop striving to become better at what you do.

The fact is no other gun manufacturer can build what we build the way we build it and the proof is in our tolerances — we guarantee our Collector Class pistol fit between our frames and slides is exactly 0.001 inches or less. And we can provide optional documentation with your collector grade gun purchase to prove it.  Our industry leading artisans often work in tolerances of 20,000,000th of an inch.  That’s a hair split into 3 parts and then each part split 10 times again.  Yep, we split hairs too.

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