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The Ultimate Bedside 1911

The Ultimate Bedside 1911

Pinnacle. Apex. Apogee. Ultimate. Words used to describe the very best of things. At Cabot Guns, we don’t take the claim of being best lightly. And so, when we bestow the mantle of “Ultimate” to one of our creations, you can rest assured that you’re receiving only the very best.


Cabot’s Ultimate Bedside Tactical 1911 moves in to dominate a niche role. Where other pistols focus on being your ideal daily carry, range, or competition – the Ultimate Bedside sets out to first and foremost be the best at one thing, protecting you in the black of night. It’ll excel no matter where it’s taken; but true to its nocturnal appearance it rules the darkness. Your daily protection is vitally important, and so too is the choice of tool which stands ready beside you through the night.

Immediately noticeable, without even laying hand on the Bedside, is its exclusive ladder-patterned slide. Hearkening back to the folded iron-steel Damascus manufacturing style of medieval blacksmiths, the Ultimate Bedside incorporates a more modern, tougher iteration of a time-tested process. Far in advance of the stock ever being selected to become a Cabot Gun, countless hours of careful labor and hundreds of years of research and innovation have been poured into its creation. Dark, sleek, powerful – The Cabot Ultimate Bedside stands watch over you and those you love.

Complementing the slide is a frame of American 416 Stainless Steel – finished in a state-of-the-art black PVD. The frame to slide fit is Cabot-perfect in every way – so too in its subdued hues cooperating to free the shooter from vision-distorting reflection. Rhombus cut checking on the front strap and main spring housing, combined with the positive tactile engagement of Cabot’s Fibonacci G-10 grips give the Bedside a palm-to-frame feel that’s sure not to slip. A radiused precision-fit aluminum TriStar trigger fits perfectly the pad of the human finger, enabling a smooth and consistent trigger pull. Knowing that low or no-light situations are those in which the Bedside thrive, a bevelled magazine well has been incorporated to ease and speed the process of reloading. A single-sided-safety, slide stop and magazine release – all formed of strong and reliable billet steel complete the sleek yet firm interface between man and tool.

With the Bedside, Cabot and you own the night. The pistol features our in-house constructed frame-integrated accessory rail. Its addition brings the option for a tactical light to turn day to the night when you need it most. Take aim down a perfect combination of Cabot’s reverse dovetail front sight, eye moving backwards over a serrated slide-top, and finished upon a set of contrasting two-dot sights. This combination of technology and practicality leaves nothing to be desired in framing your perfect sight picture.

(Optional Surefire Handgun Light Not Included In Base Price)

Tougher than it’ll ever need to be, the Cabot Ultimate Bedside is a different kind of heirloom. Tradition typically dictates that things to be passed down are stored safely away, largely hidden from view and use. Not so with Cabot’s Bedside – it’s intended to spend a lifetime at your side, survive and thrive in daily use, and still be running strong to be passed from generation to generation. Built to more strenuous standards than a main battle tank, yet embodying the elegance of a 100-year pedigree, the Ultimate Bedside Tactical is nothing short of – ultimate.

Price $6,495

Features Include:

  • 1911 Styling, .45 ACP or 9 mm
  • Damasteel Damascus Slide, 416 Stainless w Black Nitride Receiver
  • High Tolerance machined from Billet Steel
  • Cabot Durable Proprietary High-Contrast Damascus Finish
  • Hand Fit Frame to Slide
  • CNC Machining, EDM wire, EDM Sink, CNC Surface Grinding
  • 5 in. NM Grade Barrel
  • Hand Polished Feed Ramp
  • Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
  • 16.5 lb. Wolff Variable Recoil Spring
  • Front Strap Rhombus Checkering, 24 LPI
  • Rear Slide Stripe Serrations
  • Crowned Flush Barrel
  • RH Thumb Safety from billet
  • Aluminum Tristar Trigger
  • Beveled and Chamfered Magwell
  • Engraved Star at Guide Rod
  • Low Mount Fixed Rear Sight,  Optional Adjustable Sight
  • Beaver Tail Grip Safety from billet
  • G-10 Fibonacci Grips
  • Two Cabot 8 Round Magazine
  • Front Blind Sight White Dot



Low Mount Adjustable Rear Sight +$125
Tritium Sights +$200
Ebony Fibonacci Grips +$200 AS SHOWN IN PHOTOS ABOVE
Surefire S300 Ultra LED Weapon Light +$ 295 AS SHOWN IN PHOTOS ABOVE




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