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The Icon

The Icon

In the world of modern design, it is said that a designer’s job is not complete when there is nothing left to add, but instead, when there is nothing left to take away.

Cabot Guns Icon Govt

It was this timeless ideal that helped to drive our passion and lead to the creation of our newest, most distinctly unique 1911 ever, The Icon.

Cabot Guns Icon Commander

Meticulously transformed entirely from block stainless steel, The Icon captures the essence of artful simplicity with a modern, monolithic design that beautifully embodies the past, present and future of 1911, all in one elegant gun. Each masterfully crafted to be unlike any other firearm, constructed to our highest standards, and available in both full size and carry size.

The Icon – Government Size

CabotGuns_1622 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1612 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1609 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1640 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1643 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1624 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1632 thumbnail

Price $4,995

The Details:
Cabot’s Tribute to Modern Art
Available Chambered in .45 ACP or 9 mm
Crafted from USA Sourced 416 Stainless Billet Steel with components constructed to Aerospace Standards Tolerances
Cabot Frame and Slide
5 in. NM Grade Barrel With Reverse Crown (Gov’t) or
4.25 in. NM Grade Barrel with Reverse Crown (Commander)
Cabot Icon Racking Button
Countersunk and Recessed Slide Stop Notch
Aluminum Icon Trigger
Cabot Idiot Scratch Proof Slide Stop
Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
Flat Top Slide
Cabot’s Unique Rhombus Cut Front Strap Checkering
Cabot Main Spring Housing with 24 Lpi Rhombus Cut Checkering
Cabot RH Thumb Safety
Beveled Magwell
Cabot Beaver Tail Grip Safety
Cabot Stainless Steel Monochrome Grips
Cabot Barrel Bushing
Cabot Full-Length Guide Rod
Engraved Star at Front of Guide Rod (Govt Only)
Front Sight – Reverse dovetail style – No Dot
Cabot ACE Fixed Rear Sight
Two 8 Round Cabot Magazines
Black Box Case (Made in Italy)

Options and Accessories:
None, it’s perfect and we’re not changing a damn thing!
Alligator Holster +  $500

The Icon – Commander Carry Size

Cabot Guns Icon Commander
CabotGuns_1660 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1651 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1663 thumbnail
CabotGuns_1664 thumbnail
Cabot Guns Icon Commander thumbnail

Price $4,995

The unmatched quality of components in this pistols are featured in our “The Anatomy of a Cabot” page by CLICKING HERE>>>

The Icons Black Box for our White Gun:

Black Box for Icon





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