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NEW The Drako Garra

NEW The Drako Garra

In cultures throughout the world, the legend of the dragon has long haunted the minds of man as a metaphor for the untamed power of nature, primal fear and the unknown. New for 2017, Cabot Guns introduces the Drako Garra to capture the mythology and legend of the dragon and re-present it to the 21st century. This limited production 1911 adds yet another chapter to the myth of the dragon.

Dragons have surfaced world-over in artwork, heraldry, statue and myth. Depictions of these beasts awaken feelings of mortality in even the bravest of souls and have been unearthed in ancient ruins from the far-East to medieval Europe and the long extinct aboriginal Americas. Often serpent-like and claw-footed, these mystical and often fire-breathing, the idea of the dragon has been passed down through verbal history and wonderment of a culture from one generation to the next.  The Cabot Drako Garra, Esperanto for Dragon Claw is also an item to passed down for generations.


Born from a solid block of 416 Stainless Steel and offered in .45ACP and 9mm, the Drako Garra roars with each trigger-pull as it sends fire and brimstone downrange. Like dragons of old, the Drako Garra itself is adorned with the sharpest of claws. In place of traditional forward and rear cocking serrations, instead, are found two sets of three parallel claw marks embracing the slide and carrying seamlessly onto the frame. Mill-engraved using computer-numeric-controlled technology onto the face of the slide and frame, these positive and negative reliefs provide an effective grip when operating the slide of the Drako Garra. The careful observer will see further proof of Cabot’s commitment to unparalleled precision when disengaging the thumb safety – its lines and angles aligning perfectly to those of the rear-claw serrations.

Cabot’s ground breaking radiused, precision-fit trigger has been graced with an all-new electric discharge wire cut design of twin-claws, exactly scaled from their larger brethren found on the cocking serrations. The one of a kind dragon’s claw design trigger is designed not only to fit perfectly to the natural curves of the human finger, but also to compliment the design prominent on the pistol’s slide and frame.


The simple elegance of piano-black Ebony wood grips completes the look at feel of the Drako Garra, Dragon themed 1911. Selected specifically for their light-absorbing warmth, they subtly contrast the hand-polished finish completed under the practiced eye of Cabot’s artisan craftsmen. A firm and focused grip, powerful enough to tame a dragon, is ensured by Cabot-unique 24 line per inch rhombus checkering along the grip’s front strap and billet-made main spring housing. The bevelled magazine well enables quick and sure feeding of magazines to the Dragon by the shooter. Along the top of the slide run precision-ground serrations designed to eliminate any possible glare that would impede upon the shooter’s sight picture – a picture formed by combining a front sight gold-dot fitted through Cabot’s proprietary reverse-dovetail and any of a range of rear sight options.

Cabot’s signature mill-engraved star faces ever forward on the frontage of a full-length guide rod, nestled beneath a 9-axis billet constructed barrel bushing of unmatched fit and finish. Tight, clean, crisp – powerful; this is the promise of the Cabot Drako Garra.

Let others be inspired by tales of ancient myth while you hold proof-positive of their corporeal existence. With a Cabot Drako Garra at your side, you write the tome which will become legend to future generations.

Price $4,950

Features Include:

  • Modern 1911 styling, .45 ACP or 9 mm
  • Cabot Frame and Slide, From 416 Stainless Steel Billet
  • Proprietary Hardening
  • Polished Finish
  • 5 in. Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel, Hand-Fit, Crown Cut, Flush Fit
  • Polished Feed Ramp
  • Claw Front and Rear Slide Serrations
  • Top Slide Serrations
  • Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
  • Cabot Claw Design Trigger
  • Diagonal Cut Front Strap Checkering 24 LPI
  • Diagonal Checkered Billet Made Main Spring Housing 24 LPI
  • Cabot Machined-In-Place Perfect Fit Ejector
  • Cabot Billet One Piece Full-Length Guide Rod
  • Billet Thumb Safety
  • Billet – Idiot Scratch Proof – Slide Stop
  • Billet Magazine Release
  • Billet Beaver Tail Grip Safety
  • Engraved Star At Front of Guide Rod
  • Cabot 9-Axis Billet Constructed Barrel Bushing
  • Cabot Reverse Dovetail Front Sight – Gold Bead
  • Low Mount Fixed  Rear Sight, Black. Optional Tritium Bar
  • Bevelled Magazine Well
  • Piano Black Ebony Grips
  • Optional Grips, Walnut Fibonacci, Checkered Walnut, Desert Ironwood
  • Two 8 Round Magazine


Dark Mammoth Molar Grips + $850
Ebony Fibonacci Grips + $150
Tritium Sights + $200
Low Mount Adjustable Rear Sight + $125



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