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National Standard Deluxe

National Standard Deluxe

An Investment Grade 1911


One for the ages, the investment-grade machining and finishing of Cabot Guns’ National Standard Deluxe combines the oldest facets of American history with the newest innovations of the firearms industry. Much like the whirling olfactory and gustatory ballet of a fine Cognac, so too will the look and feel of the National Standard Deluxe inspire you to many evenings of deep cogitation as you turn the finest of 1911’s over and over again in your grasp.

A limited edition run of Cabot Guns’ National Standard, the National Standard Deluxe is an American 420 stainless steel pistol – and so much more. It is finished to a stunningly mirror-like two-micron reflective quality by our artisan hand-polishers over hours of painstaking, microscopic work. Easily mistaken for chromed and instantly accepted as top-grade, this Cabot Gun shows off with American pride the pedigree of the 1911 as it has never been done before. A limited run of only twenty-five units will be produced for 2012, ensuring that your National Standard Deluxe is indeed a national treasure.

The smooth lines and elegant curves of this 1911 are accentuated with subtle details that as a whole make the National Standard Deluxe stand a head and shoulders above the competition. Marked with the same details and intricacies of its sister pistol, the focus of this incarnation of an American classic is on exemplifying the simplicity and elegance of the capabilities possessed by highly-polished stainless steel. The Deluxe offers your choice of our selection of collector-grade grips, but is adorned standard with Ivory delicately carved from ancient Alaskan Mammoth-tusk.

Sporting our innovative Tristar trigger, twenty lines-per-inch strap checkering at the front and rear, and precision-ground top-slide serrations, the Deluxe combines the oldest elements of American history with the newest processes of American innovation.

As deserving of a place on your mantle as the 1911 your Grandfather carried during the war, and destined to be as historic. The National Standard Deluxe is state-of-the-art meets art.

Features Include:

  • .45 acp cal.
  • Modern full size 1911 styling
  • 420 stainless steel frame and slide
  • stainless nm grade barrel
  • polished feed ramp
  • lowered and flared ejection port
  • 16.5 lb. Recoil spring
  • tristar trigger
  • rear slide serrations
  • top slide serrations
  • rh thumb safety
  • 20 lpi front strap checkering
  • novak adjustable
  • 8-round magazine
  • hand polished to a 2 micron finish
  • mammoth ivory grips



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