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The Black Diamond

The Black Diamond

Black Diamond – A jet black jewel of a pistol, the Black Diamond is the platform around which to create your everyday carry masterpiece. We’ve already designed this Cabot Gun to the highest of standards; now we offer it to you as the premier option for those who demand perfection in all aspects of their lives. With spectacularly classic linesand legendary performance backed by Cabot’s obsessive commitment to quality, there is no need for color – only precision.

Diamonds are precious, tough, beautiful, and timeless – so too is Cabot Guns’ offering of the Bl ack Diamond pistol. Once the depth of Cabot’s unique black blued finish or black nitride finishes grabs your attention, the pedigree of this full-size daily carry gun truly reveals itself. Rotating the pistol in your hands, light seems to melt into the infinite darkness of the finish.

The features you’ve grown accustomed to from Cabot Guns’ commitment to perfection are all here, unified in an offering of a pistol tailor-made to be your everyday carry – a pistol designed to spend days on your hip and a lifetime at your side.

Featuring Cabot’s TriStar trigger – treated with the same jet-black finish as the rest of the frame, high tactile G-10 grips and a single-sided safety; the control surfaces provide the confidence you’ll need to execute perfect draws, fast on-target presentation, and accurate follow-ups.


The flared and lowered ejection port frames a national match grade barrel, black so as to flow seamlessly with the rest of the slide. Riding atop the Black Diamond are shooter’s sights, a front blind-sight and rear low-mount adjustable sight – all three sporting high visibility tritium ensuring you’re able to quickly obtain a proper sight picture.

Cabot Guns Black Diamond 1911

You’ve been looking for a full-size carry gun that meets all of your needs, exceeds every one of your expectations, and allows you to go out into the world confident in the precision instrument at your side. Cabot has heard your desires, and engineered the answer. Look no further than the Black Diamond.

*Photos shown have optional rear sight and optional front sight focus line.

Left handed?  No problem. Order a Cabot South Paw and we can customize it to look just like the Black Diamond.

Features Include:

  • 1911 Styling
  • Frame and Slide Constructed from USA 4140 Sourced Billet Steel, Proprietary Hardening, Hand Polished
  • CNC Machining, EDM wire, EDM Sink, CNC Jig Grinding, CNC Surface Grinding
  • Black 5 in. National Match Grade Fitted Barrel
  • Hand Polished Feed Ramp
  • Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
  • 16.5 lb. Wolff Variable Recoil Spring
  • Black Blued Finish or Black Nitride
  • Front Strap Checkering, 20 LPI
  • Rear Slide Precision Serrations
  • Cabot Design Barrel Bushing
  • RH Thumb Safety – Optional Ambi
  • Black Tristar Trigger with Front Pad Knurled on a Rounded and Radius Pattern
  • Beveled and Chamfered Magwell
  • Engraved Star on Guide Rod
  • Low Mount Adjustable Rear Sight – Two Dot Trtitium
  • Beaver Tail Grip Safety
  • G-10 Grips
  • Cabot 8 Round Magazine
  • Rozic Front Blind Sight with Tritium Dot


PRICE: $6,250  |  ORDER: 1-855-THE-1911

Spinal stingray belt holster: $450

Spinal Stingray over the shoulder holster and magazine carrier: $1,400

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  1. November 1, 2013, 8:26 pm

    Only need one good sidearm for life and I will pass it on to my son and he to his. Someday soon a Black Diamond. PJ

  2. Dennis Jones
    November 24, 2013, 1:46 pm

    After visiting the factory to see if paying double what I would pay for a “Brown” custom, I realized that their pistol was worth the price, I am having my son’s birthday (062871) as the serial # as I will pass it down to him when I’m gone.

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