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1911 Pistols

1911 Pistols

The Pride of American Craftsmanship

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all guns are *not* created equal. .At Cabot Guns, our pursuit of crafting the true American 1911 *is* the pursuit of Happiness. When we say “American made” we don’t just mean “put together” in America. Instead, we do truly mean that the pistol you hold is an American 1911, right down to the pins, springs and grip-screw bushings.


The Standard Offerings:

The S100

The S100 – A Government sized 1911 offering for those searching for a premium handgun a cut above the rest. Made in the USA – and with a frame, slide and small parts crafted from a solid block of 416 American steel – the S100 represents a commitment to American quality.  Available in stainless steel or an optional black finish. Base Price, $3,695.

The S103 Commander

The S103 Commander, We birthed the Cabot S103 Commander – a reengineered vision of the perfection John Moses Browning’s timing in a pistol.  Where other Commander models fundamentally alter the 1911 design by shortening frame rails, adjusting the cycle length to shorten rearward travel, and affecting the timing of recoil and feeding, the Cabot remains true to internal ordnance prints.  Base Price, $3.695.

The S103 Limited

The S103 Limited.  Our revolutionary S103 Commander with aesthetic refinements. All the performance of the S103 and with a hand satin polished finish, contrasting black small parts. Price $3,995.

The Vintage Classic

The Vintage Classic.  Cabot’s Vintage Classic 1911, old hasn’t met new – new has instead stepped into a time machine, bringing modern technology and methodology to the most classic of designs. Available in Government size, Commander size AND in a left-hand configuration. Price $3,995.

The American Joe

The American Joe Commander.  A true Red, White and Blue piece of Americana and every day carry pistol. The American Joe is an art gun crossing the rubicon between firearms and art. Price $4,500.

The Gentleman’s Carry


The Gentleman’s Carry. For the discerning enthusiast, no collection of precision firearms is quite complete without the quintessential carry. Yet certainly, no ordinary carry will do. That’s why we’re proud to introduce The Gentleman’s Carry with full-cycle technology. Price $4,795.

The Drako Garra

The Drako Garra. Dragons have long haunted the minds of man as a metaphor for the untamed power of nature, primal fear and the unknown. This limited production 1911 adds yet another chapter to the myth of the dragon. Price $5,295.

The Icon



The Icon. In the world of modern design, it is said that a designer’s job is not complete when there is nothing left to add, but instead, when there is nothing left to take away. Price $4,995.

The Ultimate Bedside 1911

The Ultimate Bedside 1911.  A home luxury 1911 with a Damascus steel upper.  the Ultimate Bedside sets out to first and foremost be the best at one thing, protecting you in the black of night.Your daily protection is vitally important, and so too is the choice of tool which stands ready beside you through the night. Base price $6,495.


Collector Grade Offerings:

Damascus Ladder Deluxe



The Damascus Ladder Deluxe. A next generation in the finishing of Damascus steel, the Damascus Ladder Deluxe embodies the art of refinement.  Price $7,995.

The Monarch

The Monarch, regal to be sure, exceeds heirloom quality and presents to those who behold its simplicity and elegance as pillars of a timeless design. Price $9,995.

The Jones Deluxe

The Jones Deluxe, a collector grade pistol combines the ultimate combination of technical and aesthetic achievement. You’ve fired the best, collected the rarest, and pondered the most obscure firearms the world has to offer. You’ve seen it all, but we promise – you’ve never seen this before. Price $9,995.

The Black Diamond Deluxe

The Black Diamond Deluxe. Wearing a finish unlike anything the world has ever seen and sporting grips formed from Mammoth teeth making their first appearance above ground in centuries, the Black Diamond Deluxe combines the cutting edge of technology with the deepest annals of history – leaving its owner with a pistol unparalleled both in function and aesthetics. Price $11,995.

 Mirror Image Pistol Sets

Mirror Image Pistol Set For a small percentage of the world, perfection simply isn’t enough. They never stop improving, never cease challenging themselves, and never tire of searching for the pinnacle of excellence. For this breed of the cultured elite, Cabot Guns now offers perfectly inverted matching 1911 pistol sets – fully customized to the exacting specifications of our clientele. POR.



Left-Handed Completed Inverted 1911′s

The South Paw S-100 Edition

The South Paw S-100 Edition is a true left-handed firearm at the design level, re-engineered John Browning’s design as if it had been originally intended as a left-handed pistol, then plied our trademark precision-obsessed manufacturing process in creating the industry’s only left-handed 1911 style pistol. Base price, $4,695.

The 103 Commander South Paw.  A fully inverted left-handed carry size pistol engineered to the timing and cycle length of a full size 1911.  As interesting as the inverted aspects of the pistol, the S103 Commander is engineered and constructed to the stroke length and feel that Browning intended. Base price $4.695.

At Cabot Guns we make thirty-one components for 1911, from scratch and to aerospace tolerances which are without a doubt the finest components in the industry. Visit our Anatomy of a Cabot 1911 page for a detailed view of some of the parts that make it a Cabot Guns pistol.



Cabot OAK Collection

One-of-A-Kind Custom Investment Grade 1911′s

The Crystal Gun
Legend of Sacromonte-5
Cabot Space (4 of 28)
Ballistic Art by Cabot Guns
CabotGuns_Black Ice
Cabot Blue (2 of 4) Redacted 2
IMG_9974 half
Albert Vontz Pistol Set (3 of 4)
The Operator-6
Black Diamond Uber Deluxe
The Family Pistol
The Crystal Gun thumbnail
Legend of Sacromonte-5 thumbnail
IMG_1465 thumbnail
Cabot Space (4 of 28) thumbnail
IMG_5724bpillars thumbnail
_1180903c thumbnail
_1190226 thumbnail
Ballistic Art by Cabot Guns thumbnail
CabotGuns_Black Ice thumbnail
DSC02404 thumbnail
Cabot Blue (2 of 4) Redacted 2 thumbnail
IMG_9974 half thumbnail
Albert Vontz Pistol Set (3 of 4) thumbnail
P1150199b thumbnail
The Operator-6 thumbnail
Black Diamond Uber Deluxe thumbnail
The Family Pistol thumbnail
IMG_485968587 thumbnail
_1180827 thumbnail
Attachment-1 thumbnail
IMG_1438 thumbnail

The Cabot OAK Collection represents Cabot’s most exclusive bespoke offerings. Investment grade pistols and pistol sets of unprecedented quality and rarity.  Cabot accepts by commission full out custom pistol designs which include mirror image pistols, 1911′s constructed of rare materials and just about anything that can be dreamed.



Cabot’s Magnum Opus

The Big Bang Pistol Set

Long before man discovered the metallurgical innovations that ushered in the Iron Age, iron weapons were forged, carved and shaped from crashed iron-meteorite. They were implements unlike anything available here on earth. Mankind’s innate desire for protection leads him to seek out the best in strength, workability, and longevity. Of this storied recounting of the past, a present has emerged and a future is guaranteed. Now, revealed to the world is a modern meteorite weapon – the Cabot Guns’ Big Bang Pistol Set.



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