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1911 Pistols

1911 Pistols

“Post Custom” 1911 Pistols Yes. We offer the world’s first “post custom.” Our term. Cabot Guns 1911′s are not just another pistol. Never ever. We’ve been living this creation for years. Cabot Guns 1911’s are a new standard of quality and accuracy never seen before in the gun world.

Mirror Image Pistol SetMirror Image Pistol Set
For a small percentage of the world, perfection simply isn’t enough. They never stop improving, never cease challenging themselves, and never tire of searching for the pinnacle of excellence. For this breed of the cultured elite, Cabot Guns now offers perfectly inverted matching 1911 pistol sets – fully customized to the exacting specifications of our clientele. See the set >>>

JONES_1911_PistolJones 1911 Pistol
Our flagship 1911 handgun and an American gun better than any in the world, the Jones 1911 Pistol is a stunning triumph of design, engineering and craftsmanship that sets a new standard of quality, accuracy, precision and beauty which makes it ideal for defensive purposes, competitive shooting, or
as a trophy gun. >>>

The Jones Deluxe
The Jones Deluxe is a limited edition version of our flagship pistol the Jones 1911.  Cabot is offering a first edition of only 10 units this pistol combines the ultimate combination of technical and aesthetic achievement. >>>



RangeMaster 1911 Pistol Retired
All the beauty and brains of the Jones 1911, only less embellished, the RangeMaster 1911 precision gun was designed with top performance in mind and an emphasis on reliability and accuracy that is very much at home on the range. >>>

GI/Classic 1911 Pistol Retired
The perfect pairing of living history and technological innovation, the Cabot 1911 GI/Classic pistol is an exact reproduction of the iconic M1911A1 that saw our troops through four wars, only better, and is hands down the highest quality replica on the market today. >>>


Cabot Guns CGI Classic 1911 Pistol

CGI/Classic 1911 Pistol Retired
A more contemporary take on the GI/Classic, the CGI/Classic 1911 pistol retains the 1911 vintage look without being a replica and is the perfect companion for the sportsman going on expedition or travel adventure who wants to command attention along the way. >>>

The National Standard
The National Standard is a 420 stainless pistol  which features unique and distinctive striping on the slide and incorporates an innovative stainless-steel trigger pad dubbed the “Tristar” trigger.  Unlike other trigger pads which have a flat front, our engineers have rounded the front of the pad and went a step further to develop a gnarling process on a rounded and radius component. >>>

The National Standard Deluxe
The National Standard Deluxe is an investment grade 420 stainless pistol  which features unique and distinctive striping on the slide and incorporates an innovative stainless-steel trigger pad dubbed the “Tristar” trigger. This series is limited to only Twenty-five units for 2012. >>>


The South Paw
The South Paw is precision constructed from 4140 billet steel to extreme tolerances. The South Paw, like all Cabot Gun firearms, is designed to exceed National Match accuracy standards right out of the box. This model is distinguished both aesthetically and mechanically from other 1911 pistols. >>>


The Black Diamond  A jet black jewel of a pistol, the Black Diamond is the platform around which to create your everyday carry masterpiece. We’ve already designed this Cabot Gun to the highest of standards; now we offer it to you as the premier option for those who demand perfection in all aspects of their lives. With spectacularly classic lines, a gleaming finish and legendary performance backed by Cabot’s obsessive commitment to quality, there is no need for color – only precision.



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