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1911 Pistols

1911 Pistols


The S100 – Cabot’s Government sized offering of 1911 entry-level-luxury brings the Cabot name into the reach of those searching for a premium handgun a cut above the rest. Made in the USA – and with a frame and slide crafted from a solid block of 416 American steel – the S100 represents a commitment to American quality.  Available in stainless steel or an optional black nitride finish in standard right-hand configuration as well as a true inverted left hand 1911.


The S103 Commander, We birthed the Cabot S103 Commander – a reengineered vision of the perfection embodied in John Moses Browning’s pistol model of 1911.  Where other Commander models fundamentally alter the 1911 design by shortening frame rails, adjusting the cycle length to shorten rearward travel, and affecting the timing of recoil and feeding, the Cabot remains true to internal ordnance prints.  Available in both right and left handed configurations.


Mirror Image Pistol SetMirror Image Pistol Set
For a small percentage of the world, perfection simply isn’t enough. They never stop improving, never cease challenging themselves, and never tire of searching for the pinnacle of excellence. For this breed of the cultured elite, Cabot Guns now offers perfectly inverted matching 1911 pistol sets – fully customized to the exacting specifications of our clientele. See the set >>>


The Jones Deluxe
The Jones Deluxe, a collector grade pistol combines the ultimate combination of technical and aesthetic achievement. >>>



The National Standard Deluxe
The National Standard Deluxe is an investment grade stainless pistol hand polished to a mirror finish which features unique and distinctive striping on the slide and incorporates an innovative stainless-steel trigger pad dubbed the “Tristar” trigger.


The NEW South Paw
The South Paw is precision constructed from 4140 billet steel to extreme tolerances. The South Paw, like all Cabot Gun firearms, is designed to exceed National Match accuracy standards right out of the box. This model is distinguished both aesthetically and mechanically from other 1911 pistols. >>>


New: The 103 Commander South Paw.  A fully inverted left-handed carry size pistol engineered to the timing and cycle length of a full size 1911.  As interesting as the inverted aspects of the pistol, the S103 Commander is engineered and constructed to the stroke length and feel that Browning intended.

The Ultimate Bedside 1911.  A home luxury 1911 with a Damascus upper.  the Ultimate Bedside sets out to first and foremost be the best at one thing, protecting you in the black of night.Your daily protection is vitally important, and so too is the choice of tool which stands ready beside you through the night.

New:  The Vintage Classic.  Cabot’s Vintage Classic 1911, old hasn’t met new – new has instead stepped into a time machine, bringing modern technology and methodology to the most classic of designs. Available in Government size, Commander size AND in a left-hand configuration.

New: The American Joe Commander.  A true Red, White and Blue piece of Americana and every day carry pistol.

The Monarch Limited Edition 1911.  The Monarch represents an unparalleled subjugation of excellence; taking its rightful command simply by being the best at what it is.  It too rings testament that some of the finest products in the world are still be made here in America, by Americans, using American sourced materials.

The Black Diamond Deluxe Limited Edition.  Wearing a finish unlike anything the world has ever seen and sporting grips formed from Mammoth teeth making their first appearance above ground in centuries, the Black Diamond Deluxe combines the cutting edge of technology with the deepest annals of history – leaving its owner with a pistol unparalleled both in function and aesthetics.

Interested in a one-a-kind pistol or mirror image pistol set?  No problem, the sky is the limit with unique custom work at Cabot Guns. See our OAK collection for a few examples of custom pistols.




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