• The Drako Garra 2.0

    It is said that Dragons may not reach full maturity until they have lived for more than a thousand years. The original Drako Garra was born in 2017 but, like a great silver dragon, it continues to grow and evolve beyond its original capabilities. Cabot Guns is proud to introduce a new, even more magnificent iteration: the Drako Garra 2.0.


    The Drako Garra 2.0
  • Gran Torino SS

    NEW for 2019, The American Muscle Car and the custom 1911.  Race car and race gun. The big block and carburetor, the single stack and hardball.  Chrome and steel. Times have changed but these symbols endure. Cabot Guns melds these two classics into a single retro-themed handgun with the Gran Torino SS 1911. $4.295

    Gran Torino SS
  • The Icon

    NEW for 2018 – The Icon, an instantly recognizable work of modern design.  We didn’t just make a better 1911, we changed the game.

    The Icon
  • The Platinum Mamba

    The Platinum Mamba – Dangerous Luxury. 11.5 ounces of Platinum, 320 Diamonds, Wyoming Black Jade and a revolutionary Sandrin Tungsten Carbide Blade.

    The Platinum Mamba
  • The Empire Damascus Pistol Set

    Welcome to Cabot Guns!  If you can dream it we can build it.  Contact Cabot to commission your one-of-a-kind world class heirloom firearm today.

    The Empire Damascus Pistol Set
  • Time Traveler

    Pushing new limits on the use and finish of 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite, Time Traveler is a pistol that embodies the ages.

    Time Traveler
  • New – The Damascus Ladder Deluxe

    NEW for 2018 – The Cabot Gun’s Damascus Ladder Deluxe is the perfect intertwining of grit and sensuality. A refined almost sculpted 1911.

    New – The Damascus Ladder Deluxe
  • Meteorite Pistols: The Big Bang Pistol Set

    Learn more about the Meteorite pistols unveiled at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting & Convention.  Click to read more…

    Meteorite Pistols: The Big Bang Pistol Set