• Meteor Pistols

    Cabot to debut meteor pistol set at the NRA Annual Meeting & Convention.  Click to read more…

    Meteor Pistols
  • The Trade Commodities

    Available – The Trade Commodities a One-of-A-Kind Pistol Set.

    The Trade Commodities
  • NSD Twins
  • S103

    New for 2015 – The S103, Cabot’s Full-Cycle Commander Pistol.  Base price $3,675.

  • The American Legacy Pistol Set

    “Americana” is most accurately defined to and understood by the general public as “Apple Pie and Baseball;” two things inseparable from the image of what it means to be American.  This is where American history makes note of muscle cars, Rock n’ Roll, and John Moses Browning’s pistol model of 1911. Keeping true to form, Cabot Guns have created The American Legacy Deluxe Matched Pistol.

    The American Legacy Pistol Set
  • The Cabot S100

    Made in the USA – and with a frame, slide and small parts crafted in-house from a solid block of 416 American billet steel – the S100 represents a commitment to American quality.  Base Price $3,675.

    The Cabot S100
  • The Ultimate 1911 – The Jones Deluxe

    You’ve fired the best, collected the rarest, and pondered the most obscure firearms the world has to offer. What happens when you improve on the pinnacle of perfection?  We could tell you that the Jones Deluxe is the most beautiful, elegant, and mesmerizing pistol the world had ever seen – but that would be too modest.

    The Ultimate 1911 – The Jones Deluxe
  • The American Joe

    The American Joe by Cabot Guns, a representation of Americana art and the 1911.

    The American Joe