• The Ultimate 1911 – The Jones Deluxe

    You’ve fired the best, collected the rarest, and pondered the most obscure firearms the world has to offer. What happens when you improve on the pinnacle of perfection?  We could tell you that the Jones Deluxe is the most beautiful, elegant, and mesmerizing pistol the world had ever seen – but that would be too modest.

    The Ultimate 1911 – The Jones Deluxe
  • A True Folded Steel 1911 -The Damascus

    A sign of wealth since biblical times, Damascus steel was used to create the weapons of Kings and Chieftains.  Valued for it’s beauty and strength, Damascus steel was not only an indication of power by it’s holder but was also considered to contain mythical properties.  It is with this inspiration we have crafted this gun we simply call The Damascus.

    A True Folded Steel 1911 -The Damascus
  • The Black Diamond

    Black Diamond – A jet black jewel of a pistol, the Black Diamond is the platform around which to create your everyday carry masterpiece. We’ve already designed this Cabot Gun to the highest of standards; now we offer it to you as the premier option for those who demand perfection in all aspects of their lives. With spectacularly classic lines, a gleaming finish and legendary performance backed by Cabot’s obsessive commitment to quality, there is no need for color – only precision.

    The Black Diamond
  • NSD Twins
  • The American Joe

    New for 2013 Cabot Guns introduces the American Joe, a representation of Americana art and the 1911.

    The American Joe
  • The Jones 1911

    Mechanically perfect. Aesthetically unmatched. These are but two phrases used to describe our flagship model. You’ve looked everywhere for the pinnacle of 1911 performance coupled with the sheer beauty of a finely crafted American icon; now, your odyssey is over. Mr. Jones has arrived to show you exactly what you’ve been searching for, to become precisely what you didn’t know until just now that you desired.  The Jones 1911 Pistol >>>

    The Jones 1911
  • The South Paw

    Cabot Guns is a niche manufacturer of firearms, lefties are a niche group of shooters – the pairing of the two individualities could not be more fortuitous. Your entire life, you’ve settled for the “right” way of doing things. At Cabot Guns, we settle for nothing. Let us introduce you to the “left” way of doing things, let us introduce you to the South Paw – a dedicated left-handed 1911 pistol.   The South Paw >>>

    The South Paw