• Meteorite Pistols: The Big Bang Pistol Set

    Meteorite pistols unveiled at the NRA Annual Meeting & Convention.  Click to read more…

    Meteorite Pistols: The Big Bang Pistol Set
  • The NEW South Paw 1911

    The NEW South Paw Pistol. Cabot Guns is a niche manufacturer of firearms, lefties are a niche group of shooters – the pairing of the two individualities could not be more fortuitous. Your entire life, you’ve settled for the “right” way of doing things. At Cabot Guns, we settle for nothing. Let us introduce you to the “left” way of doing things, let us introduce you to the South Paw – a dedicated left-handed 1911 pistol.   Introductory Base Price $4,045.

    The NEW South Paw 1911
  • The Monarch
  • S103 Limited

    New for 2016 – The S103 Limited, Cabot’s Full-Cycle Commander Pistol Enhanced.  Base price $3,995.

    S103 Limited
  • The Cabot S100

    Made in the USA – and with a frame, slide and small parts crafted in-house from a solid block of 416 American billet steel – the S100 represents a commitment to American quality.  Base Price $3,675.

    The Cabot S100
  • The Ultimate Bedside 1911

    New! The most impressive and elegant home defense 1911 ever?   The Ultimate Bedside is a gun to admire every night when you go to bed, to have the unmatched detailing of the bedside and to make you smile in the satisfaction that such an elegant friend is there for you should you need it.

    The Ultimate Bedside 1911